Reach-U next generation public safety and security solutions contribute to making the world a safer place by helping to locate people who need help and guiding them to safety. Our public safety and security solutions are based on mobile phone location data, working passively with all subscribers of mobile network, and don’t require any activity from mobile user side, no applications or any specific phones.

Civil Warning and Safety Application (CWSA) has been created for improving the safety of the public by increasing the speed of emergency communications. It helps to send out the rescue, police or ambulance crew in a situation when a caller is not able to specify the location or there are simply too many similar place names to consider. The application locates the caller’s mobile phone within few seconds with an accuracy of up to 50 meters and places the result visually on the map, either on desktop or to the rescuers phone.

CWSA also helps to re-route traffic quickly in case of accidents or send evacuation route information in case of an emergency - floods, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires or tsunamis. SMS messages can be sent to the relevant mobile phones based on real-time location, historical location or combination of both. Messages can also have different content depending the movement of people – being inside a specific area, leaving the area, entering the area or getting close to the area.

CWSA records the history of all mobile movements thus enabling to get hour-by-hour data of the movements of people in any given area. The general picture of the movements can be visualized on the heatmap giving the rescue services the best insight about the amount of people who may be in trouble.