From 2003 Tartu City Administration is operating only in the paperless mode on ID-card or mobile-ID signatures, probably as the first city in the world. All documents are created, edited, forwarded, accepted and stored in the digital format. From 2007 Tartu City Administration is using only the digital signature for the signing of the documents. As the Estonian secure digital signature (trusted by the Government) is broadly used by citizens and businesses as standard solution, city administration can easily accept and share digitally signed documents.

98% of Estonians have ID-card and 88% use the internet regularly. From 2002, when digital signature was introduced in Estonia, Estonians have provided more than 350 million digital signatures and save an average of 5 days in a year thanks to digital signing. Annually Tartu city administration signs 100 000 digital documents. Already a small forest has been saved during the 15 years by not using paper.