The aim is that by 2019, 100% of public transportation buses in Tartu will run on gas. As such, Tartu is moving towards becoming the first city in Estonia to transform its public transport into a more environmentally friendly system. Currently, there are 25 contractual bus lines and 2 commercial bus lines in Tartu. In 2013, the number of passengers using public transport in Tartu was more than 12.8 million. Citizens will be engaged in the form of awareness-raising – citizens will be informed about the benefits of gas buses and how the use of gas buses will affect their living environment (less noise, less particulates, less GHG emissions etc.).

Introducing the first gas buses has shown that gas buses pay up 3-4 years faster compared to diesel buses. It is expected that the gas buses will cost ca. 20-25% more than diesel buses and the fuel consumption of both bus types is more or less equal, but the savings mainly come from fuel prices – the fuel cost of gas buses is ca. 42% smaller. For each 80,000 kilometers covered, this means 10,000 EUR of savings per bus.