Since 2015, the City of Tartu is using a modern ticketing system which is already in use in many places throughout Europe. A contactless plastic chip card, or a sticker, which must be swiped at on-board validators upon entering a city bus, has been introduced. Use of the bus card is compulsory for all passengers, except those travelling for free under the provisions of the Public Transportation Act. The new system charges the passenger the cheapest price, up to the price of a full day ticket. Using a registered card also ensures that your credit is preserved in the event of your losing your card.

The ticketing system uses credit card-sized bus cards and smaller sized stickers, which can be attached to a wallet, telephone, or any other handy item. Both the card and the sticker function as bus cards and passengers can decide which one is most convenient for them. The same account can be used in different cities and counties all over Estonia. Passengers can load money onto their accounte online, via mobile phone or at sales points.