Mobileye Shield+TM is a collision avoidance system speci cally designed to address the large blind spots, greater turning radii and other unique challenges that drivers of buses and large vehicles encounter daily on crowded city streets. Mobileye Shield+ consists of four to six vision sensors that are constantly monitoring the road ahead of the bus as well as its blind spots. Mobileye safety technology is powered by sophisticated machine learning and computer-vision algorithms that continuously analyze the driving environment to identify hazards including other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Upon detection, Mobileye Shield+ tracks them, and when necessary, issues visual and audio alerts in real-time to assist drivers in avoiding, or at least mitigating, collisions.

It has been proved that 30% of crashes could be averted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as forward collision warning/mitigation, blind spot detection, and lane departure warning. Since 2016 many pilot projects and implemetations have started in almost every country in Europe. The feeback has been very positive so far - no Shield+ equipped have been involved in any collisions with bicyclists or pedestrians.