The most advanced solution to administrate all you City construction planning process in the same place - paperless and transparent web based platform.  At are available detailed and comprehensive plans and data at the same time in the processing of these plans. Register Login occurs through environmental ID card, Mobile ID or bank link. All persons are able to enter in the register the client role, environment, institutions are able to determine the person who is assigned the role of judicial officials in the register (eg a designer) to operate, detailed information about this can be found here: TPR'i parties at the granting of rights to use web services.


Tallinn Planning Register is a public web application that was created already in 2005 and features online processes for the design conditions for new buidlings, building regulations, construction procedures and detailed, general or thematic plans of those procedures.


The unique e-solution based register for documents and register resolutions was born in the same information system for monitoring procedural environments, for data inspection and archive to acitivate the whole work process. This solution is also Integrated with geo-information tools and database.