Since the Soviet era, basic schools had ‘service areas’ and a school was required to enrol all of the children who lived within its service area. As such, basic schools based on place of residence were determined according to who lived in a particular area. From 2014 City of Tartu uses ARNO, the system for manging educational services, it places children into schools by region and keeps the accounting of vacancies for schools and kindergartens. Pupils starting Grade 1 are divided up according to school capacity, taking into account walking distances between schools and homes calculated using Google Maps for calculating and National Population Registry for data. A child’s school based on place of residence is determined to be the nearest school with an opening for enrolment. This may not be the closest school to their home, as other pupils may live closer.

Using ARNO is making the process more convenient both for the parents and school personnel. After submitting their kindergarten application online, parents can keep an eye on it on any time without having to check it from kindergartens for example by phone or email. After submitting the application for school they will have immediate feedback. This way saves a lot of time for both parties.