Tourism statistics overview

Public transportation network based on data

Collision avoidance system for buses and large municipal vehicles - Mobileye Shield+TM

Adaptive street lights

Electronic bus card

Municipal parking

ARNO - system for managing educational services in Tartu

Geo-archive citizen interface

Distant street light control system SmartELI

SPOKU - database of support given to culture, sports and youth work

First mobile applications for the citizens

Broadband for all schools and kindergartens

Reusing old electric vehicle batteries

District cooling system that uses residual heat

LED street lights with smart controllers

SmartEnCity building renovations

Gas buses in the whole inner-city public transportation network

Adaptive street lights

Public transportation real-time application

Public bike sharing system

Submitting tax declaration online

Country-wide electrical vehicles charging grid

Distant reading of electricity consumption

Participative budgeting

City single help number 1789 and crowdsourcing approach

Internet voting in local elections

Paperless government

Mobile parking

Public transport card system – The Green Card

City Planning Procedure Register

Web solution for Landscaping and Maintenance Works

Smart Street Systems

Public Events Management Portal AKIS


3D Virtual old town Tallinn

Car Parking Management Platform


Testbed for smart infrastructure and campus projects

EyeVi - virtual eye


Civil Warning and Safety Application

Urban Planning Application