Ridango is an IT-solutions provider for public transport with focus on Automated Fare Collection (AFC) and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems. Ridango runs ticketing projects on end-to-end basis, meaning that we provide both hardware and software, but also handle installations, education and later operations during the whole contract period.
As Ridango is a spin-off company from Estonian Certification Centre – the organization, which is also responsible for Estonian ID-card and digital signature certificates - it can be said, that Ridango has been a regional frontrunner in account-based solutions already for a long time. It all started in 2004 when city of Tallinn and Tartu were among the first to launch such a ticketing systems. Ridango is today a team of 50 people with more than 3000 vehicles under management and more than 1 million travelcards issued. Our ticketing systems service annually more than 100 million passengers.
Ridango’s payment, ticketing and RTPI solutions are designed to be customer oriented in order to cope with the ever-changing market. Nowadays travellers demand an interoperability, an ease of ticket purchase and up to date information. Ridango’s mission is to create solutions that are smart, simple and efficient and at the same time improve the quality of travels on one hand for the passengers and on the other hand help to keep focus on their core business for transit operators and agencies. Thanks to modularity, all our services may be deployed in any size of agency or operator with an unlimited number of actual users.