You can reach Tartu by flying to the local Tartu Airport which is directly accessible from Helsinki. Helsinki-Tartu flights are operated by Finnair seven days a week.

You can also reach Tartu through Tallinn and Riga. Tallinn International Airport is located just outside the city centre, on the road to Tartu. From Tallinn Airport you can take a Lux Express bus to Tartu (departs from the city center and also from the airport at least once in every hour, the journey time is 2,5 hours). It would be better to buy a ticket in advance from the previous web page. You may also take an Elron train from Tallinn to Tartu (departs also from near the airport, journey time for the express trains is 2 hours). Also, buying tickets in advance from the web page is highly recommended. Riga International Airport is connected with Tartu with Lux Express buses.


There are two parking areas at the Estonian National Museum which are free for visitors. There is also a taxi stop located in the front of the main entrance. You can also use public transport, taxi or come on foot (the venue is around 2,5km from the city centre).

From Tartu city centre you can come with the public bus number 27 to the "ERM" stop. You can plan your route on site  From city centre the bus number 27 is starting from the stop ‘’Kesklinn’’ and it takes about 9 minutes to arrive to the venue (stop "ERM"). When traveling by bus, we would recommend downloading the application Tartu bussiajad for real time timetables for iOS or Android.

For taxis you can use the taxi application Taxify for iOS or Android or use

following telephone numbers:

  • Tartu Linna Takso +372 736 6366
  • Elektritakso +372 5749 5749
  • Takso 1 +372 1300, +372 742 0000, +372 5344 4000

At the venue look for Entrance A or ask to be directed to the Jakob Hurda hall.