Smart City for the Citizens 2019: 

Data and AI as game changers for the cities

The smart city conference Smart City for the Citizens 2019: Data and AI as game changers for the cities took place on May 23, 2019 in Estonian National Museum, Tartu.

“Data and AI as game changers for the cities” was the subtitle of this year’s Smart City Conference in Tartu . The conference provided many interesting sessions as well as lots of opportunities for networking. The Conference was divided in 4 sessions on data and artificial intelligence I and II, Mobility and Energy.

To bring out some highlights from the event, Urmo Lehtsalu, Development Manager from Telia, talked about the Telia smart city ecosystem, an opportunity for third party services. Alanus von Radecki, Head of the Urban Governance Innovation department of the German Fraunhofer society spoke about how to harness the value of urban data. (Fraunhofer Institute is project partner of our sister platform Triangulum – this is a good example for the collaboration between the SCC1 projects!)

AI and the influence on traffic flow in the cities, mobile big data, last mile sustainability (...) are just a few keywords of the Data and AI sessions, whereas the Mobility part is dealing with connected infrastructure, predictive analytic platforms, cycling infrastructure and autonomous robots. During the Energy session, participants are getting familiar with smart street lights, get to know the zero-waste-zero-carbon smart football stadium concept of FC Welco and Smart Homes.


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