Professor Frank Witlox
Ghent University, Belgium

Professor Frank Witlox holds a PhD in Urban Planning (Eindhoven University of Technology), a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and a Master’s Degree in Maritime Sciences (both University of Antwerp). Currently, he is a Senior Full Professor of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography of Ghent University (UGent), and a part-time Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tartu.

Jordi Puignero
Government of Catalonia, Spain

Jordi Puignero has a master's degree in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey. He began his professional career in the IT Department of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, where he worked as an analyst-programmer, before moving to IBM in Barcelona, where he worked as a senior consultant and head of IT projects and new technologies. In 2003 he joined Sant Cugat del Vallès Town Council as chief of staff to the mayor, becoming later vice-mayor for Technology and Innovation of the local government up to 2013 when he was appointed IT Director General of the Catalan Government. He is currently the Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society of the Government of Catalonia.

Andres Osula
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Turnit, Estonia

Andres has a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from the University of Tartu. He is a passenger transport enthusiast specializing in cutting edge ticketing and infotainment solutions. At the moment he’s focusing on two main solutions - firstly, a cloud-based central sales & distribution management system that allows passenger transport operators to drive and steer their sales, efficiently utilize resources and maximize yield across all distribution channels. Also, he’s developing a hands-free mobile ticketing system for passengers.

Erki Saluveer
Positium LBS, Estonia

Erki Saluveer is CEO at Positium LBS. He has been developing methodologies and systems for turning a telecom operator’s anonymised raw location big data into new insights on crowd mobility. This processed and aggregated location information is used in Estonia in various areas, e.g. calculating the balance of payments (BoP); generating tourism statistics for tourism management and event analysis; generating population statistics for urban and regional planning or safety and security; and generating traffic and transportation statistics for transportation management. There is no comparable data source in terms of representativeness, coverage and timeliness of crowd location information. He has been contributing to academic discussions in this field and has participated in a number of international projects as a field expert.

Philippe Crist
Administrator at the International Transport Forum of OECD, France
Philippe Crist is an Economist and Administrator at the International Transport Forum at the OECD. His current projects focus on improving cycling safety, assessing GHG emission strategies in the transport sector, as well as investigating national transport asset and network management strategies. He serves on the advisory boards for several transport, climate change and urban policy research programmes. He has studied at Vanderbilt University and the French National Agronomic Institute with concentrations in Anthropology, Economics, Natural Resource Management and Land Use Planning.

Meelis Anton
Division Director or Levira, Estonia

Meelis Anton is currently working as the head of Levira’s Network Services Division. He’s in charge of managing Levira’s TV, radio and telecommunication services. He has been long engaged in the telecom sector, both in Estonia and abroad, and is now advancing Levira’s media and telecommunication services. He has previously been in charge of building and launching smart grids in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. He has also led a varied career in the IT and telecom sector, working for Ericsson Austria, Ericsson Eesti AS, Eesti Post and Cybernetica AS.

Maarja Pild
Associate at TRINITI Law Firm, Estonia
Maarja Pild specializes in Dispute Resolution, Data Protection, IP & Media and Corporate & Commercial Law. She has been working together with Estonian ministries and companies in the field of legalising Artificial Intelligence. Estonia is known for its 'firsts'. Countries around the world now face the challenge of understanding the rise of Artifical Intelligence, which is increasingly affecting the daily lives of their populations, so which country willl be the first in developing a comprehensive legal framework that ensures the technology can be developed in an ethical and sustainable way?

Üllar Jaaksoo
Chief Innovations Officer of OPnGO Group, Estonia

Üllar Jaaksoo has economics and business degrees from University of Tartu and London Business School. He has managed various companies in banking, media, telecom, sport retail and IT industries. At the moment he’s CEO of NOW! Innovations and Chief Innovation Officer of OPnGO, the world best platform provider for mobile parking services and mobile retail payments. During last 5 years he has implemented successful projects and companies in multiple countries both in Europe and US. He has excellent experience and expertise in managing of startup and mature companies.

Raimond Tamm
Deputy Mayor of Tartu City Government, Estonia
Raimond Tamm is a Deputy Mayor in the City of Tartu and his main fields of responsibility are communal services, city transport, entrepreneurship and innovation. His fields of expertise are entrepreneurship, smart city, spatial planning, energy policy, economic policy and environmental policy. Raimond is also the coordinator of SmartEnCity lighthouse project which is about development and implementation of integrated smart city solutions. 
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