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This year's program will mostly focus on urban mobility: how to use data for planning public transport in the cities, which are the best intelligent transport system practices in the world, how to engage citizens in urban planning and inform them about temporary changes etc.

We will start with a welcome reception already in the evening of May 30 and have a networking dinner on May 31, so you will have more time to spend in the city of good thoughts!


Option 1 - The backstage of Estonian National Museum (Smart Building & Energy)

Everyone can visit the museum that houses Estonian history, tradition, new aims and engaging dreams, but you will have an exclusive chance to see the backstage - how was the biggest museum in Estonia built during the 10 year process and how is the building with 6000 square meters of exhibition space operated and maintained today.

Option 2 - The future of electric transport in Estonia (Smart Energy & Transport)

Estonia was the first country in the world constructing a charging network of electric cars and today it’s still the biggest national charging grid in Europe. Using the electric transport in and between different cities in Estonia is made as simple as possible for the citizens - they can just use mobile application for renting electric cars. Also, there are many innovative ideas for using old electric vehicle batteries in a sustainable way by giving them a second life - for example using solar energy to charge them. You will get to know how all this has been developed in Estonia and what will be the next steps.

Option 3 - How to organise demand based public transport (Smart Mobility)

The main goal for the so called bus-UBER pilot project is to give the people a chance to move in a smart and cost effective way, especially in rural areas. One way for making it happen would be planning demand based public transportation, taking into account the data about people’s movements. In this workshop you will learn more about the general requirements to demand based public transportation planning from Ministry’s and Estonian Road Administration’s side as well as the practical use case of piloting bus-UBER in Saaremaa.

Option 4 - SPARK Demo Centre (Smart Entrepreneurship)

SPARK Demo Centre brings together region's most successful manufacturers, exporters, opinion leaders, employers, brightest start-ups, business support organizations, educational and R&D institutions. You will see how the business is done not only in Tartu but in the whole southern region, meet some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and their solutions.

Option 5 - How using geospatial data is making the everyday work of city officials more efficient (Smart Governance)

Estonia has an incredible success story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a pro-active ICT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. In this workshop you will get the overview about how the success story developed and how using geospatial data in everyday operations of the city government is making the work more efficient for both the city officials and citizens. Experience in firsthand how you can help city to collect data about your neighborhood and how it can make your everyday life more safe and comfortable. For this workshop you will need smartphone and data connection. Most of the workshop will be held outside so comfortable shoes and weather friendly outfit is recommended.

Option 6 - Starting and Elaborating Participatory Budgeting: Barriers and Triggers

This on-site-visit focuses on Participatory Budgeting as a great tool for civic engagement. The aim is to visit the objects of PB, examine experiences of PB implementation, and to discuss the potential fit of PB cases and their surrounding environments. The question to address: how to initiate and elaborate the right PB model for your local government.


- Tips to develop PB in your municipality: steps to take when elaborating your model of PB.    

- Clear understanding of the expected challenges when initiating and implementing PB.

- Seeing of the PB objects gives real sense and understanding of its impact to the city space and community.


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The conference is supported by European Regional Development Fund