Why and How to Join?

Benefits of the membership include mostly:

  1. participation in sector specific seminars, study-trips and many other joint actions;
  2. participation in global network of contacts and new cooperation possibilities;
  3. ability to shape the future of the sector.

Already now altogether 23 organizations have become a member of the cluster, amongst them Tartu city, science parks from Tartu and Tallinn, companies like Positium, Reach-U, Microsoft, Mobi Lab etc.

Cluster membership can be applied by all registered companies in Estonia and abroad, local governments, educational establishments and other sector specific NGOs and organizations. Membership fee start from 3 000 euros per 3 years and will be agreed on as a result of the negotiations with the board of the cluster.

Partner undertakes to keep the goals and objectives of the project and pay the agreed amount of self-financing.

To become a member of the cluster, organization fills in application form and partner letter, signs both documents digitally and sends to: smartcitylab@smartcitylab.eu. Application will be studied by the board of the cluster, who will request additional information and arrange meeting with the applicant if needed.

New membership of the cluster will be confirmed by signing Consortium Agreement.